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South Cave Falconry


21st October 2019- 

Year one and two were very lucky to be visited by South Cave Falconry and to meet some very beautiful owls. In our topic ‘into the dark’, year one have been learning and writing stories and non-chronological reports about owls and year two have been learning about owls in their science lessons. We had such a great time meeting the owls and learning lots of interesting facts. We learnt about owl physiology, hunting and feeding, habitat and conservation. We even prepared some questions before our guests arrived so we could make the most of the experience. What a wonderful afternoon we had! - 

“I’ve never seen an owl before, they are amazing!”

“I loved learning about what the owls eat, where they have come from and lots more amazing facts.”

“It reminded me of what we have been learning about in class, it was lovely.”