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P & O Ferries Trip



18th September 2019  

As part of providing our year 5s with wider experiences, we had the amazing opportunity to go on board ‘The Pride of Hull’ which is a P&O ferry. (P&O stands for Peninsula Oriental steam navigation- well remembered from Caleb Whitelely!) While we were there, we learned about the areas that surrounded the 100 million pound ferry. We spoke about the importance of the River Humber and the vital role it played in trading. Before our tour of the grand, floating steam navigator, we designed our very own ferries! We could be as creative as we wanted to be so we included a range of entertainment such as: waterparks, chocolate waterfalls and even basketball and ice skating arenas- we have such wild and creative imaginations! Afterwards, we had the chance to explore the many levels that made up the ferry. We looked inside some of the 530 cabins, fancy restaurants, and the humongous car park where animals and pets are also kept whilst their owners are on their journey to a number of European cities. We even got a sneak peek into the prison on the lowest deck!! We were very lucky to also see the port where shipments are made of all sorts of materials and goods.  


Evie Smith- I really enjoyed the seeing the cabins in the ferry and seeing the prison on the bottom deck!  

Caleb Whiteley- I liked the tour around the ferry because I got see what everyone experiences whenever a person travels.  

Jamie-Leigh- I liked seeing where the pets are kept and the part where we had to draw our own ferry!