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Hull University - Raising Aspirations Day


July 2019                                                            

Our Year 6 went to the University of Hull to learn about what life was like at university and what they could experience if they went to university. First we learnt about the different courses that are on offer, with many children excited by the wide range of options they could study. Lee Towse was especially happy to see that marina biology could be studied as this was something he was passionate about. Then we met our university student tour guides who had come to Hull from all over the world. The children got to ask their student guides about life at Hull university and where they had come from.

During the day we went on a tour of the campus, with everyone really excited to go on the top floor of the library to look out at all of Hull. Then children did either a drama and dance workshop or an engineering workshop, which was amazing.

Then we got to experience a graduation ceremony dressing up in official caps and gowns.

All the children were fabulous role models for Dorchester Primary, and really engaged with the day. Many who had never even thought about going to university before were excited to talk about going to university now and what they could study and why.

Thank you so much to the University of Hull for a fabulous experience it really did raise our children's aspirations.