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October 2018

All the Year 6 have just come back from a fantastic two days in London. It was an early start going down on the train with lots of excited children, many of whom hadn’t been to London before. Over the two days we visited Kidzania where the children got to role play different worlds of work earning Kidzania money to spend in the shop; we visited the Houses of Parliament to learn about British Values and the history of Parliament and democracy even doing our own debate; we went on a thrilling ride of the London eye; explored the capital city and its many attractions then on the evening we watched our first ever stage show ‘Annie' before spending the night asleep on the HMS Belfast.  It was a long but rewarding two days that no one will forever forget.

After visiting London many children were moved by the problem of homelessness so in literacy we will be writing letters to our local MP, Karl Turner, who we met at the Houses of Parliament with ways to end homelessness.

In history we will learn more about British values and democracy and in geography we will explore tube maps in more detail now we have actually been able to ride on a tube and see the map first hand.

“It was the best trip I’ve ever been on, I’ve never been to London before and it was so exciting to go and stay over night!”

“I liked Kidzania and trying out different jobs and earning money, I liked that we got to get our own bank card.”

“I've never been to a show and Annie is my favourite movie so I loved watching it, I hope we do it as our school play”


The River Thames & Tower Bridge

The London Eye