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Hull during WW2


We will be taking a journey into the past and finding out what life was like in Hull during WW2

 In History we will carry out a local study and extended History study on life in WW2 Britain, and specifically Hull.  We will learn more about the impact of WW2 on the people and the landscape.  We will then go onto look at WW1 and Hull’s WW1 heroes for the centenary celebration of the end of the war.

In Geography we will use maps and atlases to locate countries that played a part in the War and how maps were used during war.

In Science we will learn all about light and electricity and it’s part it plays in war

In Art and Design we will take inspiration from the artists Henry Moore, Picasso and Lowry to create war related art work

In Music we will be using our voices creatively to sing simple songs from the war time era while having a go at composing our own,

In ICT we will be starting our work on a year long project to create a website.  This term we will be practicing our editing and design skills in more detail.

In RE we will be exploring Big Questions about the theme belonging.  During our topic we will take a closer look at religions, in particular Judaism through Anne Franks diary.

In PSHE we will learn more about us, what makes us special and how we can work on being a better person.

Through the term we will learn how to incorporate our key drivers: learnability, cool collaboration and champion choices into all aspects of our daily life.