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Reading at Dorchester

Here at Dorchester we are committed to getting all children to read independently. We read a wide range of books as part of the curriculum and want our children to enjoy reading as part of their everyday lives. School reading books are provided to all pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2 and they are encouraged to read them at home and give feedback in their read and response booklets.

Guided reading is taught daily. During these sessions, adults work closely with a small group of children reading at a similar level exploring strategies to work out words they haven't seen before. Children build their knowledge in sentence structure and respond to questions about what they have read.

We are constantly striving to nurture our pupils enjoyment of reading and with this in mind we've put together a selection of books which we feel are suitable for children in each year group.

In order to encourage your child to read it helps if you can discuss the books with them and also to spend time reading to your child, even older children enjoy stories being read to them. These lists are just a starting point, there are lots of other wonderful children's books available which they may enjoy, many of which can be borrowed from your local library.