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E-Safety - Information for parents

Internet use is part of the statutory curriculum and the school has a duty to provide quality internet access as part of our student's learning experience. This access is carefully supervised and monitored within school and safeguards and filters are in place to ensure that the information the children can access is safe and appropriate. Full details are available via the schools E-safety policy which you can download at the bottom of this page.

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and although this creates fabulous opportunities for online enjoyment and communication it is not without risk. With this in mind we have created links to a range of websites where parents and carers can access information about how they can protect their children from online dangers.

Internet matters

Internet Matters is a new website giving up to the minute information to enable parents and carers to keep their children safe online. It includes advice appropriate to children of all ages about the types of activities they may engage in whilst using technology and the issues which could affect them.

Link: Internet matters

Smart Rules

We teach children about internet safety using the SMART rules by Kidsmart. To download the SMART rules for yourself click the image opposite. The website also has lots of videos, quizzes and downloads to make learning about E-Safety fun.

Link: Smart Rules

Think U Know

If you're worried about your child using the computer at home there is lots of information available via the internet to help you get "clued up". A good place to start is the Think U Know website created by CEOP The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Link: Think U Know


Here is a link to a great video made by Cleeve Primary School in Hull about Cyberbullying. Watch it with your child so that you can make them aware of what Cyberbullying is and what they should do they or someone they know is a victim.

Link: Cyberbullying