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Bullying & What to do

Bullying - What to do.

Anti Bullying
What can you do if you think you are being bullied?

We all fall out with people and argue from time to time but a bully is unkind to you day after day over a long period of time. The bully is in control and you are the victim.

Standard excuses from a bully:

“It was a joke.” “It was an accident.” “I’m sorry.” “It was only a game.”

(Remember a joke or a game is something that all those involved in are enjoying.)

Who could bully you?

  • Another child.
  • A friend
  • An adult
  • An older brother or sister
  • A friend of someone you know
  • A relative
  • It could be anybody

What does a bully do?

Any or all of the following:

  • Call you names
  • Hit you
  • Kick you
  • Be nasty to you
  • Stare at you
  • Talk about you unpleasantly to others
  • Try to get other people not to be friends with you
  • Take things that belong to you
  • Threatens you and makes you feel afraid
  • Tell you not to tell anyone about what they are doing

Tell Someone!

  • Tell your parent – your mum or your dad
  • Tell your teacher
  • Tell an adult in school
  • Tell a relative
  • Tell a friend
  • Tell lots of people.
  • If someone does not listen properly to you, tell someone else.
  • Tell the bully that you think they are bullying you.
  • Tell someone if you see somebody else being bullied.


What should you do if someone tells you they are being bullied?

  • Stay calm
  • Tell someone else – your teacher and/or your parent or someone you trust. Tell someone who can do something to stop it.

What to do if you think you are a bully:

  • Talk to someone about it, an adult at school or at home and they will help you.
  • Nobody wants you to be a bully and adults will help.
  • Tell someone why you are bullying people.