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Back to the Future


We will be following on from our Spring topic of making our local environment greener by exploring the world around us in more detail how it has changed over the years and what it could look like in the future.

Our stunning start will see us spend every afternoon for a week exploring the changing world around us.  We will be creating art work inspired by craftsman from the different continents and creating art work on ipads asking the question -what is the future of art? We will also be looking at how food has changed over the years and tasting food from around the world whilst asking the question -what is the future of food? 

 In Geography over the term we will be refining our geographical skills from the Spring term by following our route to Noddle Hill where we will explore physical and human features along the way.  We will explore how the planet is changing through climate change and pollution and we will learn about endangered species and conservationism.  We will also look at how not only humans can change the future but physical geographical features such as volcanoes and earthquakes.  We will look at the future of power and the water cycle and how we can work to make a brighter and better future.

In Music we will be composing music themed around futuristic sounds whilst also learning songs for our leavers play.

In D&T we will be working with food exploring foods and seasonal changes of food and why it is important to eat food in a specific season.  We will explore heathy eating and the major food groups -looking at macros and micro nutrients.  We will look at what makes a varied diet and create a salad and pizza

We will also be looking at the changes in travel and we will be designing a car of the future taking inspiration from ‘Tesla’ and the electric car revolution.

In ICT we will be continuing our skills in creating an animation and also word processing by creating healthy eating posters and recipe booklets.

In RE we will be exploring Big Questions about the world we live in how faith explore both the creation of the world but it’s future.