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Future Earth


We will be learning about the changing world and focusing in on the coasts and how we have changed over the years and how we will change in the future.

Our stunning start will see us travelling to the coastal town of Flamborough to undertake geographical fieldwork, looking at human and physical geography and how coastal erosion is impacting on the local environment. Whilst there, we will take pictures that we will use when creating our own coastal paintings and prints.

 In Geography over the term we will be learning about human and physical geography and the similarities and differences of a coastal town in the UK and abroad.   We will look at Ordnance survey maps to investigate symbols and 4 figure grid references and compass points.  Children will look at direction and simple routes, creating a simple route map from home to school and school to swimming.

In Art and Design we will take inspiration from coastal water scenes from around the world.  We will use watercolour and paint techniques to create our own coastal pictures using photographs we will have taken on our  trip. 

In Music we will be continue to access the schools music service for an hour a week where we will be working on a range of compositions that we will perform to an audience.

In ICT we will be coding and using our geographical knowledge of directions when creating simple codes.

In RE we will be exploring Big Questions about the world we live in and look at how people of faith may respond  We will explore the world in more depth in the unit ‘Caring for the World’

The fantastic finish will see us perform to parents what we have learnt in music over the term alongside displaying our art work at a pop up exhibition,