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As part of the legacy of the London Olympics 2012, the government has introduced School PE and Sports Funding which is focussed on improving provision of PE within primary schools. We believe that this funding should be used not only to increase partcipation in sport but also develop the quality and enjoyment of teaching and learning across the school. Our aim is to provide a sustainable model that will continue to promote involvement in and enjoyment of a range of physical acitivities.

Use of Primary School PE and Sports Funding

Dorchester is a member of the Bransholme and District Academies Partnership and as a group we have chosen to work together to secure the effective use of our funding. We are a member of the Citywide Sports Partnership and the Youth Sports Trust.

Teaching and Learning

One of our partner Secondary Schools (Kingswood Academy) has released a P.E. specialist to support primary schools within the partnership. As a school, we have used some of the sports funding to access this expertise one day a fortnight.

The support includes:

  • Development of new long term and medium term plans
  • Working alongside staff to plan, deliver and assess lessons
  • Providing support for planning and both formative and summative assessment.
  • Whole school staff development (using the primary setting and secondary facilities.
  • Organisation of area sports competitions and training opportunities
  • Secondary staff will work alongside our staff for one full term at a time. We have ensured that one member of staff from each phase benefits from this expertise in order to disseminate learning across the school.
  • Membership of the Youth Sport Trust has also enabled staff to undertake courses to develop their skills.


We constantly review resources and continue to purchase addtional resources as and when necessary.

New Opportunities

Within School

During school hours, opportunities have been provided for children to take part in additional activities including Go Ride cycling and coaching from Tigers' Trust staff in football and basketball.

Out of school activities

Funding has ensured that our staff, together with P.E. specialists, are available to either provide new opportunities for the children or to extend exisiting provision. This includes:

  • Street dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Boxing
  • Intended outcomes at Dorchester:?
  • Enhance the skills and confidence of staff
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning in P.E
  • Enhance participation in, and enjoyment of, PE and sport within and outside the school day
  • Develop a sustainable model post Primary Sports and PE funding