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Session Times

The times of our school day are shown below however, it should be noted that children are admitted to school at 8.50 am and 12.55 pm so that there is prompt start to sessions.

School Nursery (F1) School (F2, KS1, KS2)
Morning - 8.45 to 11.45 Morning - 8.55 to 12.05
Afternoon - 12.15 to 3.15 Afternoon - 1.00 to 3.10

Term Dates 2019/20

Term dates for the current school year are detailed below. Please note that our teacher training days may be subject to change.


Monday 2nd September 2019 to Friday 20th December 2019

Half term - Close Friday 25th October 2019, re-open Monday 4th November 2019


Monday 6th January 2020 to Friday 3rd April 2020

Half Term - Close Friday 14th February 2020 re-open Monday 24th February 2020


Monday 20th April 2020 to Monday 20th July 2020

Half term - Close Friday 22nd May 2020 re-open Monday 1st June 2020

*School will also be closed on Friday 8th May 2020 for the May Bank Holiday.

Non Contact Days (children are not in school)

Monday 2nd September 2019

Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Thursday 24th October 2019

Friday 25th October 2019

Monday 4th November 2019

Monday 6th January 2020

Monday 24th February 2020

Monday 22nd June 2020

Monday 20th July 2020