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Our Vision

We aim to work closely with our children, parents and all other partners to create a community where the progress of every child is maximised. Our vision is to provide a happy, stimulating environment, built upon mutual respect and trust, where life is orderly and secure for both child and adult.

Our Aims

We aim to have:-

  • leadership that is positive at all levels; influential and which encourages governors and staff to be actively involved.
  • a team of inspirational, hard working staff who work together to movitate children.
  • high expectations of all staff and children, providing challenge and support to achieve them.

We hope to:

  • provide an exciting curriculum which is based on the needs of our children and focusses on the development of basic skills in maths, literacy and communication.
  • encourage children to have enquiring minds
  • support children to become independant learners who are tolerant of others, respect one another and are prepared for the next step in their learning journey.