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Educational Inclusion at Dorchester

At Dorchester Primary School we are committed to ensuring the participation of all our children in the community, curriculum and culture of the school.

We believe our school should provide a happy, safe and caring environment where every individual is valued and respected, and where all members of our school community feel welcome.

We aim:

  • to foster strong, healthy relationships which show awareness, knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the individual needs of others
  • to promote good time keeping and ensure that all children attend school on a regular basis
  • to provide a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum through which all children have the opportunity to realise and achieve their full potential
  • to secure suitable / appropriate educational provision for all groups of children
  • to demonstrate our commitment to helping all children participate fully in the curriculum, wider curriculum, community and culture of the school
  • to prevent children from being excluded by identifying and supporting children at risk of exclusion
  • to demonstrate a dynamic commitment to the development of inclusive practices.

We recognise that educational inclusion is an unceasing process in which all staff must take an active role. To assist staff with this we have a proactive inclusion team of trained staff which both offer advice and support, and monitor the inclusion of all children within school under the following three broad areas - Special Educational Needs; Behaviour and Attendance; Emotional Wellbeing and Safeguarding.

Inclusion Team

Miss N Chironda/ Mrs E Robinson - SENCo

Miss Gasparelli - Emotional Wellbeing and Safeguarding

Mrs Steer - Attendance Officer

Mrs West - Speech and Language